Sexing Guinea Pigs - A complete guide. - How to determine the sex of a guinea pig

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Examine the shape of the cavy's genital opening. If the genital area forms a “Y” shape, this means the cavy is female. Male cavies have a genital opening that is shaped like a small circular dot with a penis raised above the level of the surrounding skin. Male. Many owners of guinea pigs (also called cavies) find it very difficult to determine the gender or sex of their rodent pets, particularly newborn guinea pigs, and.

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By Kagazragore - 23:10
Many pet owners have difficulty determining the sex of their guinea pig, especially in newborn guinea pigs. Identifying the sex of your guinea.
By Samucage - 05:17
How to Sex a Guinea Pig (or Cavy) with lots of photos and different ages from newborns to adults.
By Faelkree - 08:30
Left together in a single cage, a sexually mature male and female guinea pig can produce up to six offspring in just a matter of months. Looking.
By Brazil - 11:48
If you know what to look for and you look closely, you may be able to determine the sex of a guinea pig, whether you examine the nipples, the genital region or.

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