How Long Can You Go Without Peeing? Risks, Complications, Concerns - Pee hold

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It might not feel like it, but the adult bladder can hold as much as half a litre (2 cups) of pee before you'll feel the need to 'go'. Your body knows. As long as your urge to pee frequently is not caused by an underlying condition, it's possible to train your bladder to hold a little more urine for a.

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By Fauran - 01:56
While delaying nature's call for an hour or two won't pose any threat to your health, it's possible to harm your body by holding pee for too long.
By Kazragal - 17:27
Regularly putting off going to the bathroom is not recommended. In this article, we look at the possible effects of holding in pee too long or too.
By Kicage - 11:11
Turns out, holding in your pee for too long can lead to some pretty big problems down the line. But you'll be okay if you only do it once in a.
By Gardagul - 04:16
Unless there are some truly radical advances in catheter technology, having to pee and not being able to will remain a universal predicament.

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