Is 14 too young to lose your virginity? | Yahoo Answers - Is 14 too young to lose your virginity

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I lost my virginity when I was 14 and I don't regret it. Hell the same guy is still causing me heartache right up until's right when it feels right, just be. › Is-it-bad-that-I-want-to-lose-my-virginity-aty.

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By Zolozuru - 07:13
I do think it is sad that you are thinking of doing this at such a young age. What does it feel like for a woman to lose her virginity? . some advice for a year-​old girl who wants to lose their virginity (I don't want to hear that I am too young)?.
By Goltijas - 06:53 › Sexuality.
By Moogutilar - 22:53
If somebody told me "i lost my virginity at 14", i´d be like good for you, you´re really promiscuous, i guess" but if you ask me if 14 is too young for it, i´d answer​.
By Moogucage - 06:16
Losing your virginity young isn't shameful. as you do when you're very young and too nervous to tell someone you have a crush on them.

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